San Xavier Mexico Insurance

Travel Tips

Spanish is the official language although English is widely understood. Mexican people welcome any attempt you make to speak their language.
More and more divided highways are being built every day. "Cuota" means its a toll road and "Libre" means no toll. Most of the roads are in good condition, however, there is less shoulder and you may encounter a few potholes here and there.
Unleaded gas (Magna Sin) is plentiful. Premium unleaded is becoming more available, mostly in the larger cities. Leaded gas (Nova) has been phased out. Diesel fuel is also available.
Green Angels are bilingual mechanics that patrol the main highways and provide emergency road service and first aid. This is a free service provided by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism.
Mexico is one of the best countries in the world to purchase hand-crafted items. Almost every town in central and southern Mexico specializes in a particular craft. Everything from serapes, silver, baskets, ceramics, leather goods, weavings, guitars. The list is endless.
Hotels come in every price range from the bare necessities to the Gran Turismo luxury class. Hotels in the resort areas tend to fill to capacity during the holidays and during the times of fiestas and festivals. If you are going to a popular resort area you may want to make your reservations early.
Mexico's cuisine is one of the greatest pleasures when visiting this wonderful country. Lunch (comida) is the main meal of the day. From the smallest out of the way restaurant to the fancy gourmet restaurant, most take pride in the quality and freshness or their meals.
There are two daily English language newspapers. The Mexico City Times and The News. They both have the latest U.S. and world news, sports, editorials and the comics.
  • Proof of Citizenship - Everyone must have proof of citizenship: Birth Certificate or Passport (Voter registration cards may be accepted) and picture ID. Even children must have proof of citizenship.
  • Car Permits - Vehicle Title or Registration. A valid driver's license (with photo and same name as on Title), a credit card in the same name as on the Title (Visa, Master Card, Diners or American Express). Discover cards and Debit cards are not accepted. The fee for the permit is about $12 and must be charged on the credit card. Checks or cash are not accepted for this fee. If your vehicle is financed, you must have a notarized letter of permission from the leinholder. If you do not have a credit card you can still enter Mexico by posting a bond. No borrowed vehicles or credit cards.